Robbery/Burglaries/Theft and Scamming Rules.

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    To prevent confusion i will explain each term for everyone to understand.

    Theft/Stealing: Taking something that doesn't belong to you.
    Burglary: Entering an area without permission with the intent of stealing.
    Robbery: Taking something from a person by force.
    Scamming: A scheme with the intent to cheat someone of their property/cash by using a trick.

    Scam and Robbery Rules.

    You are not allowed to rob or scam a player that is level five or below.
    You need to be level five or above in order to rob/scam.

    You can not rob someone by faking selling vehicles, houses or businesses to lure them in, this does not count for illegal items such as weapons or drugs.

    To make it fair, you are not allowed to commit a robbery while there are no LSPD members online, you can check this using /factions, this does not count if the LSPD members go offline during your robbery roleplay.

    House/Business Robberies

    When robbing a house or business, you may only do it for RP sake not to gain profit from the process. You cannot force an owner to hand over their items just because you robbed their houses, unless the owner themselves agrees with it OOCly.

    Roleplaying robbing stores, bank heists and such shall only be rewarded with IG money when an admin has given permission. You are allowed to Roleplay robbing a bank, but you will not be rewarded without permission.
    If you are robbing a house/business please make sure;
    The owner is online, you should never assume things, PM the owner and ask details of the area/property.
    You cannot rob large things with a bike, be realistic. Use a van or a truck.
    Take screenshots as proof.

    Killing Rules

    You can not kill or heavily injure a person after robbing them without proper reason, making sure they don't call the police by killing or injuring them is not a valid reason.
    You are allowed to rob a person who you have just killed or injured, as long as the reason wasn't because you wanted to rob them.

    Vehicle theft/Scams

    Vehicles are allowed to be stolen/hotwired as long as it is unlocked.
    Vehicles may be taken by stealing the keys from the owner. You may not force the owner to sell the vehicle to you.
    Items from trunks may be stolen by anyone as long as the trunk is unlocked, items may be stolen from the owner only if they have recently been in the vehicle.

    You cannot go to random locked trunks and break into them to steal the items.
    Vehicle scams are allowed at dealership price and not above.
    All scams are IC not OOCly, anyone found breaking this rule will be punished.

    Cash Theft

    When stealing money from a player, you may not exceed the amount of $5000
    You can only rob $1,500 if you are forcing someone to take money from their banks, this is included in the maximum of $5,000
    When scamming, you are not allowed to request more than $50,000.
    This includes gambling.

    If you are scammed, you are allowed to rob the scammer for as much as he scammed from you, plus the robbery limit.


    To keep the server realistic, confiscation of illegal items is allowed to be used by the authorities. If you are caught with an illegal weapon, ammo or drugs they will be taken.


    You may not steal any weapons from the following members without admin permission
    • Los Santos Police Department
    • Los Santos Government

    Rules will be added and changed at any time, you are all expected to remember ALL rules.
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