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    We have now implemented in a few new rules regarding Illegal factions. All factions are now required to purchase their own Headquarters and vehicles with ingame cash collected from themselves and their members. We will no longer be giving out anything for free. You will always be given the option to purchase with real money and prices will be discussed with the management team.

    Illegal Faction Rules These rules apply to ALL, but mainly effect Illegal Factions.

    General Rules
    • No Deathmatching or Revenge killing
    • No Non-RP Car ramming
    • You are not allowed to scam/rob a player from a donation only vehicle/item.
    • You cannot place a 'hit' on a player for OOC reasons, keep all issues IC.
    • No healing in a gun fight. You may not heal 10 seconds of being injured, or if you are actively being chased by another player.
    • No Gun discharge exploits, quickswapping crackshooting, c-bugging or quickshooting.
    • No releasing any Hitmans names Non Rp'ly
    • No Rushtazing
    • No abusing faction vehicles.
    • No NON RP Gang wars ( Don't roll into a gang infested area and throw up gang signs when you are solo, this will result in a CK or admin jail for failure to RP. )
    • No non Rping fear, you may be a gang member, but you must RP fear.
    • No Non RP brawling
    • No Terrorist Roleplay without admin approval.
    • Any Bomb/Molotov Roleplay must have admin approval.
    • All language OOCly must be English.
    • Only one character is allowed on the server at one time.
    • No commiting crimes in supervised areas, i.e robbery at the LSPD department.

    All rules are subject to change at any time, you are expected to know ALL rules.
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