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    When registering on the forums, the user agrees to comply with our rules unconditionally.
    Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you from responsibility.
    Rules can be supplemented or changed by the management at any time.

    1.1 Use nicknames containing obscene speech, insult.
    1.2 Use nicks similar to those already existing on the forum.
    1.3 Use nicknames containing third-party advertising resources.
    1.4 Use a large number of signatures.
    1.5 Use obscene speech, insults in your signature.
    1.6 Use signatures containing third-party advertising, agitation to use server bugs.
    1.7 Use a signature / avatar of offensive, pornographic, intimate nature, as well as avatars already used by other users of this forum.
    1.8 Registrated clones - several accounts by one person.
    1.9 Any manifestations of racism and Nazism.
    1.10 Sale / purchase for real money, as well as the equivalent "electronic means of payment" (paypal, webmoney, etc.) or anything else.
    1.11 Account trading.
    2.1 Create topics with names that do not reflect the meaning of the message, for example - "Admins look", "Everything here", "COME", etc.
    2.2 Create topics in upper case (Caps Lock), an exception is an abbreviation.
    2.3 Create topics similar in meaning.
    2.4 Creation of topics with an appeal to a specific person or organization.
    2.5 Write messages with negative statements, an example - "Updates are nonsense", "Return everything as it was", "We will lose online".
    2.6 Write messages that do not correspond to the topic (Offtop).
    2.7 Write messages containing images or links to online resources, pornographic.
    2.8 Write messages that do not make sense (xD, +, +1, etc.).
    2.9 Write messages containing third-party advertising.
    2.10 Write several identical messages (Flood).
    2.11 Use in obscene language, Insults.
    2.12 Write messages in the upper case (Caps Lock).
    2.13 Translate the topic into a dispute.
    2.14 Crossposting - topics with links to another topic in other section.
    2.15 Write messages containing deliberately false information or slander.
    2.16 Posting provocative messages to cause a flame, conflicts between participants.
    2.17 It is forbidden to post links to file sharing sites that allow you to download any software.
    2.18 Any political discussions are forbidden.
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