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    All members of the community are expected to know these rules. If we change/add/remove a rule, then you are also expected to stay updated with them. Faction leaders are to ensure their faction members are kept upto date with the rules.
    These rules do not replace server rules. You are still under the server rules and their punishments in addition to these rules. Any and all rules violated will get you punished in accordance to the normal punishment regarding server rules.

    • Each faction is only allowed one faction moderator. ( With the exception of a larger faction, i.e Los Santos Police Department. )
    • Forum moderators under no circumstances are allowed to be in a different faction.
    • Faction moderators are only to moderate in house issues. They are not permitted to involve themselves with other factions issues.
    • Players do not pick the faction moderator, they are allowed to request one if they have a valid reason. Moderators will be chosen by the factions leader. Any issues should be taken up with the faction leader.
    • Faction moderators are not to interfere with IC situations unless requested.
    • Moderators are not allowed to invite players into the faction unless the faction leader has allowed it.
    • Admins are not allowed to give restricted sins to players, unless proof that the player has obtained it is shown.
    • Moderators are not allowed to promote players in the faction, unless they have the permission of the leader.

    • Players must never be invited into a faction unless roleplay has occured prior to the invite being offered.
    • Players cannot be invited to a faction without an application, unless the Faction Leader has said otherwise. ( Faction Moderators do not have permission. )
    • Do not hire/suspend/fire or promote/demote anyone without some form of roleplay. If an OOC rule has been broken, they will be dealt with in an OOC fashion.
    • Rank skipping is not allowed, faction members must roleplay their way up the ladders, unless the faction leader has stated otherwise for a IC reason.
    • Faction hopping is not allowed without the proper consent. You must wait a minimum of three days before applying for another or the same faction. This rule does not apply for those who are moving across from certain factions, for instance LSPD to the LSFD and in house organisations FBI.
    • Faction tool abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. For instance abusing tazers, radios, cuffs. Every faction will have its own form of tool abuse, your faction leaders will be made aware of this.
    • Radio commands must be used for IC purposes only. Trolling will not be tolerated and will be seen as Non-RP.
    • Selling, buying or giving factions is forbidden IC or OOC.
    • Selling buying or giving faction weapons is forbidden unless an admin has given you permission.
    • You are not allowed to force someone to leave the faction, unless a high command of the faction does it themselves, certain factions will be exempt.
    • Rushtazing is not allowed.
    • Players are not allowed to own any faction vehicles
    • The only restriction on faction corruption is there must be a genuine reason behind it.
    • Live recruitment for any faction requires permission from the Faction Leader.

    • OOC channels must not be used for an IC advantage, excluding OOC clarifying any IC information thas has been given.
    • Detaining has to be roleplayed before forcing any detaining commands.
    • If someone is in disguise in the faction, do not OOCly reveal them, act realistic and use IC means to attempt to reveal them.
    • All roleplay situations involving your faction should be reacted to in a serious and realistic manner. i.e Hostage situations should be handled with the hostages in mind.
    • You can place a player in a prison cell for interrogation for a maximum of 30 minutes. If an OOC agreement is made then you can keep them for as long as agreed. If broken you will be punished for powergaming.
    • Using screenshots as IC evidence must be supported with IC actions.
    • Players with extensive criminal records are not to be hired by legal factions. Realistically speaking who would hire a murderer to become a police officer?
    • if a player requires anything from an admin, you are to request it from an Admin or above.
    • Mask can be used in several ways, i.e not just a ski-mask, facial prosthetics and other ways to mask themselves, think of the bigger picture.
    • If someone is mask'd does not mean they have a ski mask on, if unsure message an admin to find out how they are masked.
    • You cannot instantly assume someone is not a member of your faction without actions giving you an IC reason to assume, do not just check the roster.
    The rules are subject to change at any time, please check the thread regularly.
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