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    Requesting for help assistance and doing it the right way:
    When arriving here at District Roleplay, the first thing you would expect is some form of assistance; but do not know what commands to use, when or where. In order to get in contact with an online staff member, the first thing that you'll need to do is:

    Before continuing your journey here, all rules are meant to be read first for fair and enjoyable gameplay experiences. Reading the rules is the most important thing that every server must state, place and have everyone to abide and be able to understand the ways of how their community is going to work.

    2 - [/reqhelp]. This command can be used to foward any notified messages towards an online staff member whilst they are available and on-duty. This also applies to: Possive, Average and Negative choice selections and comment reviews that you may choose and say to give the staff member that has already finished assisting with you.

    3 - [/pm]. You may use this command at caution when sending a private message to an Administrator. It is not used to start normal conversations with a staff member without permission to do so. If you would like to ask a question concerning something it must have a reflective meaning for a response. Do not hesitate to contact us; feel free to send a private message at anytime. This also applies to the [/reqhelp] usage tool.

    4 - [/help] This command is used for more guidance to understand and feel comfortable about the servers script-wise experience. It shows a dialog with all options that allows you to view and select any that is informative, either it may be from Properties, Animations, Business and etcetera... will be provided in it's dialog.

    There are no online Staff Member at the moment. What can I do if I need more guidance?:
    By asking a question whether it maybe by posting in the General Discussion, sending a private message towards a forum staff member or joining our discord channel where you may ask or speak about anything that is reasonable for a response.

    1. Title - The name of the bug you are reporting must be reflective.
    2. Priority - This is based on how serious the bug can affect and cause towards a player's gameplay.
    3. Description - Must state the problem and it's full meaning with being explained well.

    I would like you be cooperative If you witnessed a bug problem. Do not abuse or use any script bugs that you have came across on finding. Report this issue ASAP by usage of [/bug] or report it via forums. This command is used to inform the developer about any bug related issues that occurs in the server and makes their work much easily done for everyone to enjoy their gameplay.

    The command also shows a dialog of selections from: Title, Priority and stating more problems regarding it. The server priority has three choices: Low, Medium and High. All three of those are a priority that is based on how the script bug is shown among server players. Reported bugs that are unfinished or that has no meaning regarding it's problem will be denied.

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